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(root Edifice: a building, especially a large, imposing one) are sentient buildings who show their personality through the main components of a face; eyes & mouth.


Housing/ shelter is one of the most basic human needs and simultaneously the greatest overlooked necessity. So many people around the world live without adequate shelter. With the skills I’ve learned and the successful progression of the Edifaces, my hope is to generate a prototype for the house-less, a term i was taught by actual homeless people, and begin building plans in 2022. With your support, the success of Edifaces will enable progress on this important work.


Been working ⦻n this idea, studying, failing & trying again but overall I’m pretty happy about this; introducing the Edifaces @edifacenft , EDIE. “EDIE” , dedicated to my uncle Eddie who always had the flyest pimp suits in full one color way.  


The next character of the @edifacenft world I would like to introduce is, SANCH⦻. “SANCHO,” dedicated to my Uncle Sancho, Eddie’s brother, the tough muscle of the siblings, only right that he suited out in some villainous costumes for the holidays.

3. DiiiDiiDi

Introducing the third character of the EDiFACE world, “DiiiDiiDi,” Dedicated to nurturing late grandmother DeeDee, DiiiDiiDi is a grand/ tall ostentatious character with 3 different personalities ! With this collection I also wanted to acknowledge and pay homage to the thinker, Virgil, as well as to see the brighter side of life for 2022.

Gallery Introduction: Baltimore📍️