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    BIO: KHAIRI X, LLC. a registered design LLC , is a single member LLC operated and ran by Khairi Reynolds.
KHAIRI ⦻ specializing in but is not limited to; architectural design, production design, art direction, interior design, graphic design, set design, prop design, and 3D design.
The aspirations is to work with creative, culturally interested people and businesses.


X + O


⚔️(X) has always been    
  for example, how to seek and strive for  greatness through all aspects of life. Everything that I believe in and everything that I stamp my name onto I want to hold to a certain caliber

❌(X) marks the spot. How to stay focused on tangible goals whilst striving for a better future. X marks the spot, the spot in which two parties collide and greatness occurs. I believe that in collaboration the best and brightest ideas come to life regardless of the field it's in.

🛠(X) To build  a future that has not been done before to be limitless in design.

☠️(X) sounds  the unknown. To start a new but commemorate my role in history and continue the tradition before me.


0 is the is the mark of completion.
For me 0 is  to complete the full circle, to complete whatever task in front of you to the highest regard. I think one of my biggest drawbacks I observed exemplified and expanded during my architectural learning career which caused me to criticize myself over and over again was which idea do I see through to the end.

Finalizing something to the end, as an artist you always want to continue working on something, but I’ve discovered to mark something as complete is not the end, as it lives on through its existence with the world, how it interacts and connects with all its surrounds. Just as in my professionalism and like architecture I can apply this to everything.

  Areas of Work:

Architecture/ Production Design/ Set Design/ Modeling/ Interior Design/ 3D Design/ Animation

 Background of the Founder:

    Khairi Reynolds is an architectural designer, production designer and 3D designer living in Los Angeles. As an experienced designer with a demonstrated interest in architecture, interior design, and urban design & planning. Most recently, he worked as a Job Captain for Reveal Studios, designing a Civic Center in Goldendale Washington. Before that, Khairi specialized in interior design at ASD | SKY, translating the needs of clients into a built environment. After college, he spent a year in San Francisco working as an architectural designer at Heller Manus. There, he honed his project management skills while working on schematic design packages, project proposal analysis, and creating dynamic architectural designs. Since moving to LA, Khairi has also taken an interest in production design, and recently worked as lead production designer on an indie film. He graduated from the School of Architecture at Syracuse University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.). Khairi loves to combine his interests and is open to many different avenues in order to enrich his overall portfolio.